About Us

The Royal Life Saving Society, Malta Branch, founded in 1924 is an Associate Member within the Royal Life Saving Society - Commonwealth. The Branch has very strong ties with the St John Rescue Corps and undergoes joint ventures. In March of 2009 it was enrolled with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organizations. The Branch is run entirely by volunteers who dedicate many hours of their free time to the service of the community.

Since its foundation its work has been recognized on several occasions. In 1966 the Commonwealth Council presented the King Edward V11 cup to St Michael’s College of Education for their achievement. Further more the Commonwealth Council has on many occasions bestowed on its officers Honours in recognition of their dedication to the Society. In 2013, the President and Honorary Treasurer were awarded the Bar to Service Cross whilst the Honorary Secretary was made Commonwealth Vice President.

Throughout the years thousands of people of both sexes and from a vast span of ages, have gained awards. The Branch most highly defended virtue is the high standard, which it proudly upholds during teaching and assessing. The awards and certificates gained are valid for 24 months and are worldwide recognized.

Last Updated: 12-Apr-22