The Awards

The awards of the Royal Life Saving Society are gained after an assessment by qualified assessors. The awards can be divided into two main categories: (a) the higher awards and (b) the lower awards.

The higher awards are intended to be used as qualifications for life saving duties. These awards are graded and most of these have prerequisite requirements. The common higher awards starting from the lowest to the highest awards are:

  • Life Support
  • Life Support 3
  • Beach Life Saving Certificate
  • Bronze Medallion
  • Award of Merit
  • Distinction Award
  • Bronze Cross
  • Silver Cross

A section of the high awards is specialized such as:

  • Pool Life Guard Certificate
  • Police Life Saving Certificate
  • Sub-Aqua Life Saving Certificate
  • Teacher's Certificate

The lower awards are intended to reach all, even the weak swimmer. There are awards, which are elementary, and also those, which will require a good degree of life saving techniques and swimming skills. These awards are suitable as a preparation for the higher awards. The lower awards can easily be introduced in school programs or youth club activities. The Branch will be more than pleased to support such projects. The lower awards are not intended to be used as qualifications for life saving duties.

The lower awards starting from the lowest to the higher awards in this category:

  • Junior Safety Award
  • Life saving 1
  • Life saving 2
  • Life saving 3
  • Basic Life Saving Certificate

Annually, a prestigious shield is presented to the organization, which gains the highest number of points during that particular year. A trophy is also presented to the runners-up. Both the shield and trophy can be kept for a year by the winning Organization. There is great competition among the participating organizations to win the shield or the trophy.

Last Updated: 12-Apr-22